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Frequently Asked Questions

The Origin of Threading

Threading is an ancient technique used in Egypt in the time of Cleopatra and has been around for centuries. Popular in India and the Middle Eastern countries.

Threading is best for Eyebrows – Period!

Threading is considered best practice world-wide as it’s so much kinder on the skin than other hair removal methods. The cotton thread precisely shapes the eyebrows, giving a perfectly desired, neat, clean, defined look. It’s 100% natural and doesn’t remove skin or contain chemicals.

Threading Technique

Our Brow Angels™ use a thin, twisted cotton thread which is rolled over usually untidy hairlines, lip area, other areas of unwanted hair, removing the hair cleanly by the root. Unlike tweezing, where single hairs are pulled out one at a time, threading can remove an entire row of hair, resulting in a straighter, clean line. Much quicker than any other method. It also removes the very fine vellus hair (peach fuzz); this gives an elegant, clean look. The effects last much longer than any other method.

What are New Definition Brows™?

New Definition Brows® is a revolutionary new way of redesigning the Brows. A patented 6 step process which includes threading.

What are the 6 steps of New Definition Brows™?

  1. Consultation. You will be asked to fill out a form to find out if you are allergic to dyes or are on medications that thin the skin. We sit down together to go through your expectations and what we can achieve for you. The brow is prepped with alcohol to remove make-up, sanitise, reduce bacteria and reduce the risk of post-treatment infections.
  2. Colour Match. Brows are correctly matched with your hair by tinting with one of our 15 different colours. This is repeated.
  3. Talc is applied to the brow before threading them into the unique New Definition Design.
  4. Tweezing then follows to remove any last hairs.
  5. Calming serum is applied after, which contains papaya to reduce the hair follicles regrowth. If the brows need extra treatment serums, these are applied.
  6. The brows are finished with our Beautiful Brows palate and aftercare advice given. All the equipment is then sanitised.

I just want threading, why do I have to have all 6 steps?

This is a designer service and requires time and expertise and you cannot get the same outcome from just threading alone. If you have sensitivities to the tint then this is the only time this is omitted.

I have been on Roaccutane can I still get my brows threaded?

Yes! ND BROWS™ doesn’t cause any removal of skin so it is safe to do.

How does the look differ?

New Definition™ is a more defined slick angular shape. With straight lines and Perfect symmetry. We take our design from the golden rule. The whole face can be split into thirds and that is the same with the eyebrow.

What are the differences between New Definition Brows® and Brow shaping with wax?

With threading we can target individual hairs and get a precise shape. With waxing, as it’s a molten liquid, you take pot luck where the liquid will flow causing blob shapes leading to comma / tadpole shaped brows.

To this day beauty therapists are still taught the highest point of the arch should be at the centre above the iris – this actually trains the brow upwards and thinner, thus leading to more of a rainbow shape.

I have been waxing for years and my brows are so thin now. Will this happen with ND Brows Redesign®?

New Definition Brows® are going to make your brows look full, healthy and young!