ND Brow

06 370-1971

scalded brow from waxing

New Definition Brows® doesn’t endorse waxing

Waxing has only been used relatively recently in the fast paced beauty salons to speed up the traditional brow plucking. The practice is widely accepted among skin care professionals and Aestheticians around the world that waxing the brow area is considered a big NO NO!


Not only does it remove a thin layer of skin from an area notorious for being the thinnest part of the body, but wax also contains many chemicals i.e. solvents and resins, which can be irritating to the sensitive eye area. Plus when stretching the skin to remove the wax, minute damage to the delicate cell matrix can occur, leading to enlarged pores and saggy eyelids over time.

Any trauma to the eye area shows up as redness. This inflammatory response is your body warning you that the skin has been damaged. the skin will react by trying to toughen up the area by removing elastin and collagen to harden the skin, which accelerates aging (as occurs on a larger scale at sites like elbows, feet, etc.). Plus the wax can cause scalds to the skin.

But do not worry! We know threading is safe as it’s been used for centuries, so we are confident that it is not going to cause you harm.