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New Definition Brows® is a revolutionary new way of redesigning the Brows. A patented 6 step process which includes threading. An ancient form of hair removal that has been around for centuries, which is a very quick effective method, causes very little trauma to the skin, and is a gentler alternative to waxing.

About US

New definition Brows ® is the fastest growing brow redesign service in the country.
An absolute must have for anyone wishing to have the most stunning brows.
Celebrities and clients alike just won’t go back to their old ways with waxing once they have tried this amazing treatment. New definition Brows ® is a 6 step brow redesign incorporating the ancient art of threading, leading to the perfect shape and symmetry to achieve that perfect Hollywood style.
All our brow consultants are internationally trained and hold internationally certified diplomas in threading. Plus they have gone through the New Definition Training Academy. We are so very confident that if its not the best brow shape you have ever had—then its on us!


Sabella Charlotte Rose Thurston

Absolutely Amazing, ND brows are the best!!, I have problematic eye brows with a scar running through one of them which makes them look uneven and have struggled for years taming them until I found ND brows. Tried it once and have never looked back!

Jess Towgood

Love love love ND brows! Jas you do a fantastic job. Always happy with the end result! 😀 xx

Amber Baker

Always perfect! Love how since iv been going for some time now they are low maintenance. ☺️

Frequently Asked Questions

The Origin of Threading

Threading is an ancient technique used in Egypt in the time of Cleopatra and has been around for centuries. Popular in India and the Middle Eastern countries.

Threading is best for Eyebrows – Period!

Threading is considered best practice world-wide as it’s so much kinder on the skin than other hair removal methods. The cotton thread precisely shapes the eyebrows, giving a perfectly desired, neat, clean, defined look. It’s 100% natural and doesn’t remove skin or contain chemicals.

Threading Technique

Our Brow Angels™ use a thin, twisted cotton thread which is rolled over usually untidy hairlines, lip area, other areas of unwanted hair, removing the hair cleanly by the root. Unlike tweezing, where single hairs are pulled out one at a time, threading can remove an entire row of hair, resulting in a straighter, clean line. Much quicker than any other method. It also removes the very fine vellus hair (peach fuzz); this gives an elegant, clean look. The effects last much longer than any other method.

What are New Definition Brows™?

New Definition Brows® is a revolutionary new way of redesigning the Brows. A patented 6 step process which includes threading.

What are the 6 steps of New Definition Brows™?
  1. Consultation. You will be asked to fill out a form to find out if you are allergic to dyes or are on medications that thin the skin. We sit down together to go through your expectations and what we can achieve for you. The brow is prepped with alcohol to remove make-up, sanitise, reduce bacteria and reduce the risk of post-treatment infections.
  2. Colour Match. Brows are correctly matched with your hair by tinting with one of our 15 different colours. This is repeated.
  3. Talc is applied to the brow before threading them into the unique New Definition Design.
  4. Tweezing then follows to remove any last hairs.
  5. Calming serum is applied after, which contains papaya to reduce the hair follicles regrowth. If the brows need extra treatment serums, these are applied.
  6. The brows are finished with our Beautiful Brows palate and aftercare advice given. All the equipment is then sanitised.

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